Reds Meadow Shuttle to Devils Postpile & Other Sights

Overview photo of the Devils Postpile monument.

Visit Devils Postpile, Rainbow Falls & Reds Meadow

The majesty of these natural wonders lie just over the shoulder of Mammoth Mountain in the San Joaquin River Valley. The shuttle typically operates mid-June through mid-September, during which all visitors must ride a special shuttle for access to Devils Postpile, Rainbow Falls and other sights along the middle fork of the San Joaquin River.

Dog Policy 

All dogs must be leashed AND muzzled to ride the shuttle. Only well-behaved dogs are allowed to board at discretion of the driver. 


Tickets available for purchase from the window outside the Adventure Center



Departs The Village 7:15AM–9:30AM  Every 45 Minutes 
  10AM–4PM Every 20 Minutes
  4PM–7PM Every 45 Minutes 

Shuttle departs Main Lodge 15 minutes after leaving The Village. The final shuttle departs Reds Meadow at 7:45PM daily.


  Adult (16+)  Child (3–15) 
Day Pass $8 $4 
3 of 5 Day Pass $16 $8 
Season Pass $40 $20

Children 2 and under ride free.


Visit the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority website for more information.




Shuttle Schedule & Pricing